Artichokes is filled with fiber, protein, magnesium and a few other ingredients that help you stay fit and keep your body in good shape.


It helps cleanse the body, protects it and help keep your organs in good shape. It’s also really tasty.


The juices in a grapefruit pack have a nice cleansing effect on the body. It’s all about flooding the body with good things for it.


It helps with your digestion and you can drink a cup of hot water with lemon added in order to prepare your digestive system for that day’s work.

The home made cook

your cooking friend.

With our book, you’ll :

☺ Learn about foods that naturally cleanse your body

☺ Find out if now's the time to cleanse by taking the Beauty Quiz

☺ 80 fruit infused water recipes for overall well-being

☺ 30 fruit infused water recipes with cleanse properties

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" Eating good is an investment that will continue to pay strong dividends in the way of feeling happy and energetic. "